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Our Pilates and Yoga Studio operates on a unique model. We want to help you feel great and look your very best.

Yoga and Pilates helps you work from the inside out. That means improving your posture, strength, flexibility, fitness and nutrition,. Once you do that, you’ll feel energized and revitalized.

We offer customized programs for individuals, couples, groups and children.
All Ages and Fitness Levels Welcome!



Carol Wilson – Master Trainer/Instructor

Carol Head ShotCertified Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor, Group Exercise Instructor, Nutrition Coach, Motivational Speaker, Wellness Seminar Coach, Writer

Health/Wellness & Fitness Professional with almost 20 years experience. Her approach incorporates many modalities such as Pilates, Yoga, strength training and of course, proper nutrition plays a Huge part.  Due to her passion for fitness & health/wellness Carol’s mission is to use her vast knowledge to help everyone she can.  All questions welcome!

Certifications Include:

ACE (American Council on Exercise), AAFA (Aerobic/Fitness Associations of America)    CPR/American Heart

Pilates Reformer (Balanced Body, Pole Star)Pilates Barrel/Spine CorrectorPilates Mat Evolved Core, Pilates Mat w/Small Apparatus,  Core Conditioning, Core Commotion, Muscle Conditioning,  Muscle Confusion, BFit Yoga,  Functional Flexibility, BOSU, Resist-a -Ball,  Cardio Sports Kickboxing, Powerflex, Urban Rebounding, Zumba/ Latin Cardio, Eating Clean, Nutrition for Health & Fitness


Marquis Williams – Master Trainer/Instructor

Marquis Head ShotCertified Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor, Group Exercise Instructor

Fitness Professional with over 25 years of experience with a proven record of success in the area of Group Exercise instruction and management, Personal Training and Client Satisfaction.

 Certifications Include:

ACE (American Council on Exercise), AAFA (Aerobic/Fitness Associations of America)    CPR/American Heart

Pilates Reformer (Balanced Body, Pole Star & SCW),  Pilates Barrel/Spine CorrectorPilates Mat Evolved Core,Pilates Mat w/Small Apparatus, Yoga,  BOSU, Resist-a -Ball,  Kwando, Powerflex, Urban Rebounding, Zumba/ Latin Cardio


Bruce Boyd – Wellness and Performance Coach

BB TC - 337Bruce Boyd has been in performance, fitness, and wellness for over 30 years and is continually passionate about inspiring others to be efficient and effective with their lifestyle. Bruce continues to evolve and expand by improving personally and professionally. He has been very successful in lifestyle coaching, yoga instructing, boxing, as well as weight and functional strength training.

His clientele includes children, celebrities, athletes, and elderly men and women.

Bruce created a formula to help those with success in life call Creative VIDA, which means SEE it, SAY it, BELIEVE it, and be ACTIVE towards what you want to manifest in your life.

Bruce is also developing an app for “Vibrational Healing” for anyone to facilitate healing

His latest certification is in Gentle Therapeutics Yoga, which is for Creating Body Awareness; Healing of Injuries; Improve Self-esteem; Generate Positive Feeling Toward Others; Improve functional Body Movements; Learning the Breath/Body/Mind connection.

“This is truly my Mission in life”  – Bruce Boyd


Melody Tarver – Yoga Instructor

The spark that ignited Melody’s passion for yoga began 13 years ago. Since that time, Melody has studied creative flow yoga, acro yoga, the aerial arts, and ecstatic dance, and has been most inspired by the teachings of Bruce Boyd, Chinook Wasdhu, Barb Totzke, Liz Tucker, Pradeep Teotia, and Kumar Pallana. As a passionate student of expansive embodied practices, Melody incorporates meditative and improvisational dance into yoga to create her unique style. Adding the spirit of freeform movement into yoga has been a rewarding and positive life experience for Melody, and she finds deep joy in sharing this with others.

When you arrive in Melody’s class, you can expect to be held in a space that allows for both steadiness and spontaneity. Each class is different and designed to mimic the energetic field of life that continually changes each time we gather together to practice. Melody combines gentle movements to heal the body and soul, while adding grace and fluidity to a strengthening yoga flow that lengthens and expands the body simultaneously with intentional, full, continuous breath.

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