When I met Carol Wilson 2 yrs ago I had not been in a gym or ever picked up a weight in my life and had low self esteem. I was completely out of my comfort zone and felt very intimidated by all the machines, hand weights, weight plates, bars, exercise balls, etc. and the terms used in classes. Carol immediately recognized that I was new and was very careful to fully introduce new things by explaining the terms, muscles, and correct form. She is the main reason I kept coming back…I learned something every class about form, variations from beginner to more advanced on every exercise. Then my friends, family & co workers begin to comment on the changes in my body & posture. I never really thought about my posture much until Carol engraved it in my mind “head up, chest up, shoulders back and down “. Since I have been taking classes from Carol Wilson I have become a stronger woman physically, emotionally & more confident. At 38 years old that is truly a priceless gift. THANKS CAROL!!
Shelly H.
Carol leads a well-rounded workout. She closely watches the participants and is quick to give individual assessment when needed. Making sure the participants display good form is very important to her. You can count on maximizing numerous muscles and leaving the class knowing you had a good workout
Judy R.
Thank you so much for being a great instructor and above all a true guide to all whom you touch. Your smile and sincere efforts to help us all stay healthy and fit is a true human service. God Bless you and keep you always!
S. T. /Class Student
Carol – such a great way to start the day! Thanks for having us – see you on Monday!
Susan V./ Pilates Early Morning Workout
Carol, I loved your class today and I’m so happy to get back in groove! Your workout is the best.
Suzanne / Love's The Workout
Hi Carol: Just wanted to let you know that in addition to getting a great workout with you, you bring something else to the table. When we left Pilates this morning, I said to Tony, "Carol has such a great personality! I always feel good when I am around her." "Agreed," Tony said. "She is very upbeat." So take a bow, my dear, and thanks for being you.
Jean A.
Hi Carol, You are so wonderful. I never told you this, but another fellow Bally worker-outer and I were talking yesterday about the different classes, and she said she only comes to your class…the others are too repetitive. If it weren’t for you and your challenging but not too bootcampish class, I would probably have given up my membership at Bally’s by now. Just wanted you to know
Sue H.

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